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Mobile Culinary Success: The Ultimate POS System for Food Trucks

Welcome to mobile culinary success with our ultimate POS system tailored specifically for food trucks. Experience seamless order management, efficient transaction processing, and mobile capabilities to serve customers on the go.

Enhance your food truck’s efficiency, elevate customer experiences, and maximize profitability with our cutting-edge solution. Embrace the power of the ultimate POS system for food trucks and watch your mobile culinary venture thrive like never before.

Point of Sale System for Food Truck Cafe

Customized menu, products, modifiers and variables:  With the Dibtech Pos systems you will be able to make the customized order using the variables feature in the POS system. Moreover, you will have an easy interface where you can select different sizes for the items, different colors for the item and various modifiers and choice of secondary products.

Integrated EFTPOS solution: Integrating EFTPOS with your POS system eliminates the need for separate devices or manual entry of payment amounts. Customers can make secure payments directly through your POS system, reducing transaction time and minimizing errors. With a few simple steps, payments are processed seamlessly, enhancing customer satisfaction and improving the overall efficiency of your business. Our software will allow the feature to Sync POS to EFTPOS for quick & error-free payments Where you don’t need to worry about entering the amount manually into the EFTPOS Terminal.

Staff Management and Reporting

Simplify employee scheduling, monitor performance, and generate insightful reports to optimize staff productivity.

kitchen display unit-dibpos

Kitchen Display System (KDS) Integration

Integrate with KDS to ensure a smooth flow of orders, enabling kitchen staff to prioritize and manage orders efficiently.

tableside ordering-dibpos

Tableside Ordering

Empower servers to take orders and send them directly to the kitchen from handheld devices, reducing wait times and improving table turnover.

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24/7 Customer Support

Benefit from round-the-clock customer support, ensuring that your restaurant's POS system remains operational and running smoothly at all times.

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The Ultimate POS System for Food Truck Operations

Welcome to the future of food truck operations with our ultimate POS system. Experience seamless mobile order management, efficient transactions, and real-time inventory tracking. Elevate customer experiences, streamline your food truck’s efficiency, and maximize profitability with our cutting-edge solution. Embrace the power of the ultimate POS system for food trucks and revolutionize your mobile culinary success like never before.


The Perfect POS System for Your Food Truck

With its intuitive interface and seamless integration, this POS system is the ideal companion for any food truck, promising increased productivity and customer satisfaction on the go.

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