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Revolutionizing Hospitality: The Ultimate POS System for Pub and Bistro Excellence

Step into a new era of hospitality with our cutting-edge POS system tailored for pubs and bistros. Experience excellence like never before as we revolutionize your business operations. Streamline order management, enhance customer experiences, and optimize table service with our feature-rich solution. From customizable menus to seamless payment options, our POS system empowers your staff to deliver top-notch service. Embrace the ultimate tool to elevate your pub or bistro to new heights of success and leave a lasting impression on your patrons.

Point of Sale System for Pub/Bistro

QR code table ordering system: QR code ordering has emerged as a transformative technology, revolutionizing the way businesses in the hospitality industry manage orders and enhance customer experiences. By integrating QR code ordering into their POS systems, restaurants, cafes, and bars can provide a seamless and contactless ordering experience that delights customers and streamlines operations.

Tablet Ordering system: The tablet ordering system is a game-changer that revolutionizes the way businesses interact with customers and streamline operations. Using the Dibtech Pos systems you will be able to access the multiplie tablets empower customers by allowing them to browse through the menu, view images, and make their selections at their own pace and take the order remote from the customer tables. 

Staff Performance Tracking

Monitor employee performance and track working hours for efficient workforce management.

integration with bar and kitchen-dibpos

Integration with Bar and Kitchen

Seamlessly coordinate between bar and kitchen to enhance order accuracy and efficiency

Enhanced customer experiences-dibpos

Enhanced Customer Experiences

Elevate customer satisfaction with quick service and personalized attention.

regular updates and support-dibpos

Regular Updates and Support

Receive reliable technical support and system updates for continuous improvement.



Pub & Bistro Perfection: Elevate Hospitality with our Tailored POS Solution

Our feature-rich POS system streamlines every aspect of your operations, from efficient order processing to seamless payment options. Craft unforgettable dining experiences with customizable menus, ensuring your culinary creations are always in sync with the season and customer preferences.

POS SYSTEM FOR pub/bistro

The Perfect POS System for Your Pub/Bistro

Welcome to “The Perfect POS System for Your Pub/Bistro.” Elevate your hospitality with our tailored solution designed to meet the unique needs of your establishment.

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